Exciting launch of Lotte Village attracted a lot of attention

Lotte Village, which was created in Tahkuranna Parish, Pärnu County, has become one of the most popular family attractions in the Baltic and Nordic countries thanks to its unique and family-friendly nature.

Feedback from families reveals that the theme park project has been a great success. Lotte Village received over 50,000 visitors last year when the complex was open for half a season only. The summer season and pre-christmas Winter Wonderland showed the great interest that Latvian tourists have towards the theme park – Latvians made up 30% of the total number of visitors during the opening season.

The Lotte Village Theme Park in Pärnu County was opened on 26 July, 2014.
This season the theme park added characters who speak Latvian and some performances in the same language. Future plans include focusing more on Finnish families as well.

The grant for the theme park is financed by the European Regional Development Fund.