Work in Estonia

Open Target group: Companies active in Estonia, willing to hire foreign specialists.

The work in Estonia team aims to make Estonia an attractive destination for living and working, and to ensure that hiring and providing work for foreign talents is as simple as possible for Estonian companies.


The information and communication technology sector of Estonia currently lacks about 7,000 specialists. By 2020, we will need 37,000 ICT specialists across all sectors, most of which will be covered by training contracts and existing workforce. However, there will still be shortage of about 8,600 specialists by 2020.


Work in Estonia services:

  • International House of Estonia is a service centre meant for foreign specialists and employers hiring them, so that they can communicate with the state and local governments, receive consultation services and build a contact network. It is located at Ülemiste City.
  • portal, which provides a thorough overview for foreign specialists on matters concerning relocating to Estonia, and information and support material (both in Estonian and English) for employers on the topic of foreign recruitment, incl. videos, English document samples. In 2018, our website received more than 800,000 visits.
  • Distributing employers’ job offers in the portal, via social media channels and a newsletter. In 2018, over 27,000 job applications were submitted via out website.
  • Support materials that focus on moving to Estonia: a relocation handbook “Relocation Guide”, videos about working in Estonia, featuring foreigners who already live here, employers, etc.
  • Step-by-step guidelines on foreign recruitment, compiled in cooperation with the Institute of Baltic Studies.
  • Recruitment campaigns on selected target markets in cooperation with employers, for example Career Hunt Tallinn.
  • Organising joint stands of Work in Estonia at ICT conferences in cooperation with employers.
  • Career counselling for spouses of foreign specialists, in cooperation with the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Work in Estonia is funded from the ICT development programme and public resources allocated to Enterprise Estonia.

Anneli Aab
Head of Work in Estonia