Technology Competence Centers (Applied Research Centers)

Technology Competence Centres (TCC) are registered in the Estonian business Register. They are companies whose main activity is conducting research in the areas that are necessary for companies to conduct product development. The results of the research projects will be used by companies to bring new products and services to the market.

TCCs have infrastructure, research staff and sectoral expertise for implementing the R&D projects.  The TCC programme started in 2004. The programme is financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund. 
Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond


Activities that are supported

R&D activities of the TCC:

  • Conducting preliminary studies needed to begin applied research and product development projects
  • Conducting of applied research
  • Conducting of product development

Increasing TCC capability:

  • Conducting the personnel development activities of the TCC, including training of the TCC’s staff related to research and engineering technical management and application of the personnel involved in increasing the TCC’s management capacity;
  • Development of the capability of planning and conducting of R&D activities of the TCC;
  • Development and conducting of the sales and marketing activities of the TCC, including conducting of market research, target market advisory services and participation in contact events, compilation of the marketing strategy of TCC;
  • Conducting of activities related to preliminary protection of intellectual property rights of TCC in SMEs;
  • Outsourcing of advisory services and services supporting innovation of TCC from SMEs.


TCCs that receive support during the period of 2014-2020, their general profile and main research areas:


Please contact above mentioned TCC to participate.