Systematic Export to China 2022

Target Group: trade in services, logistic sector

As per 14th 5-year Plan for International Trade - published (Chinese only) on Nov 18 – Chinese government plans until 2025 to do the following:

  • Worldwide champions in cross-border e-commerce

  • Establishment of 1,800 overseas warehouses, each warehouse about 8,000 m2

  • Interconnection of warehouses

Potential outcomes

We foresee a substantial increase of cargo from China. As per OECD’s recent study, parcels from China peaked since COVID19. Forecast shows that the outbound traffic from China will be on the rapid rise, in line with Chinese government’s plan.


Estonian stakeholders in logistics and cargo, from road-feeders to digital service providers, from freight-forwarders to airports, aviation industry, real estate development, etc. can seize this great opportunity.


  • Clarify the needs and opportunities of China to Estonian logistics sector

  • Connect Estonian logistics sector directly to key players in China

Profile of participants

CEO, Business Developer, Export Manager, Cargo Manager, Digital Service provider, public sector stakeholder


  • A set of 5 courses

  • A short description at the start of each course of Chinese companies’ goals and strategies

  • Direct contacts at  each course with relevant companies in China

  • A B2B online May 2022 (TBC)

  • Attendance in September 2022 at the EAS Pavillion at CIFTIS in Beijing. CIFTIS is the largest trade in services exhibition in the world

  • Additional B2Bs at CIFTIS

Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond(ENG)

Training Programme Schedule and Topics

20.01.2022 The Trade in Services Outlook and Measuring your China Readiness An Overview of the Trade in Services sectors, Assessing the rediness in developping a business strategy for the Chinese market, looking at the business environment, regulations, finance and taxation as well as human resources
14.02.2022 The plans for Digital Trade, tariff on parcels, and the new idea of serivces-in-a-box (OECD Outlook on Digital Trade and the regulations governing the sector
14.03.2022 China Plans on Logistics Abroad Introduction to the China 14th Five Year Plan for Trade launched in November 2021 and where the opportunities lie
14.04.2022 Cargo Outlook in Asia – China Logistics Actors & Business Contacts A look at the resources and operations to create cost effectiveness, channels and contacts. Establishing and maintaining relations with your counterpart
16.05.2022 Drafting the detailed business plan, the exit plan and how to manage risks With the information on the market and different sectors in hand, look at the steps to take for entering the market, and how to maintain product, cost and knowledge synergies; How to prepare for various risks (whether at home or in China) and prepare the exit plan from the market
To be discussed with the companies Presenting the business plan A one-to-one meeting with each company taking part to the programme to discuss the business plan prepared by each company. The meetings could be followed up by a visit to China at the end of the programme if conditions will allow

Prior to the beginning of The Systemic Exports to China Training Program a preliminary assessment of the company’s readiness and products/services for entry or expansion into the Chinese market will be conducted. Successful completion of the assessment is a prerequisite to participate in the training programme.NB! The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the schedule and topics if necessary. Applications for the training programme will end on 21.01.2022 at 10 a.m.


EAS Ilaria, Beijing

EAS Rafael, Tallinn



Up to 10 companies can participate in the systematic export Chinese training programme.
In particular, companies from the following sectors are welcome: logistics, services, digital services in the logistics sector

NB! The same threshold applies to both pre-assessment and to companies participating in the programme.

  • The company wishing to participate has:
    • at least a year of experience in doing business with China
    • the company is interested in entering the Chinese market and the activities have the support of the management.
  • Export workers/managers wishing to participate have:
    • the content of the work includes export planning, active sales work in foreign markets and management of international sales teams
    • English at least at B2 level.
    • Is available for participating in all activities of the program throughout the course period.
  • When approving companies into the program, the following are taken into account:
    • threshold requirements met
    • the company has positively passed a preliminary assessment, i.e. its options are assessed as good
    • there is readiness, will and clear goals for participating in the programme
  • Unable to participate Companies in areas excluded by EU funding (primary agricultural production, fisheries and aquaculture, tobacco production and gambling and bookmakers).



The Systematic Export to China Training Programme is FREE OF CHARGE for the participating company.

Register for the pre-evaluation, here.

Applications will be accepted until 21.01.2022 at 10 a.m.

The programme is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The sum of the “Systemic Export china” training program VTA is 3,600 EUR per company