Support for international conferences

Open Target group: legal persons registered in Estonia (company or nonprofit organization) and government or public authorities

Maximum grant 30 000 EUR

The maximum grant percentage from the entire cost is 70%
Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond(ENG)

Terms and Conditions

The conference that is supported must follow these terms:
• the marketing activities are planned on at least one foreign market outside Estonia and information about Estonia’s tourism opportunities is offered as part of the event
• the total number of the foreign participants (delegates, presenters, journalists, team members) is a minimum of 50 in Tallinn or a minimum of 25 outside of Tallinn
• the program of the conference lasts for at least 2 consecutive days
• the time of the conference taking place is not earlier than 3 months after the submission of the application
• the applicant will involve a minimum of 2 small and medium-sized enterprises servicing participants of the conference
• marketing materials are based on the Estonian marketing concept
• the recipient of the grant notifies of the website in its marketing channels


Application for support can be submitted by legal persons registered in Estonia (company, nonprofit organization or public authorities) and application for support must be in Estonian.

To apply, please follow the instructions on the Estonian support website

Anni Laanemets,, +372 627 9712