Start-up Estonia

Open Target group: both potential founders and already operating startups, partners and members of the startup ecosystem

Startup culture has become increasingly popular and has reflected on the Estonian business landscape as well. New role models are emerging, changing values within the companies. Great ideas tend to arise from different parts of the world simultaneously, therefore, the key to success often lies in speed or capability to realize your ideas as soon as possible.

The Start-up Estonia programme is a collection of services aimed at developing and helping a startup go from a mere idea to wide-spread growth as quickly as possible. The activities of the programme are implemented by Startup Estonia team at Fund KredEx.
Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond



The activities of the programme are divided as follows:

  • Developing the Estonian startup ecosystem (e.g. community meetings, website etc.)
  • Educated and talented people – enhancing the knowledge and skills of startup founders and employees that keeps them achieving their business goals and building global businesses.
  • Smart capital – the programme aims to attract foreign investors to Estonia and works on educating local investors to help them invest more and smarter ways.
  • Eliminating regulative issues and barriers and staying for the interest of various parties of local startup ecosystem.


In order to participate visit the website of Startup Estonia