Start-up grant

Target group: start-up entrepreneurs who created their company within the previous 24 months.

The start-up grant aims to support the creation of enterprises that have a lot of development potential, and thereby expand regional entrepreneurship and number of exporters.

Companies that receive the grant have the obligation to meet certain goals, such as creating new jobs and increasing sales revenue.


As of 1 April, the measure of the Start-Up Grant will be implemented by the State Shared Service Centre and by Regional Development Centres, providing consultation to applicants and beneficiaries concerning preparation and performance of their projects. General information regarding the grant is available on the websites of the State Shared Service Centre and the Regional Development Centres. Grant applications and payment applications, reports, amendment applications and information of financed projects shall be submitted to the State Shared Service Centre via the Environment of e-grants. More information via e-mail


Help a start-up entrepreneur launch their company according to their business plan and reach the desired goals.