Sourcing for foreign enterprises

Open Target group: foreign enterprises that are interested in products, services, and solutions offered by Estonian enterprises, or subcontracting

The image of Estonia as a country that produces high-quality products and solutions is becoming more well-known on foreign markets with each year. Therefore, foreign enterprises have become more active in their search for partners from Estonia in order to acquire various products, services, and IT-solutions.

Estonian companies who would be interested in cooperation projects involving subcontracting are also in the spotlight. However, foreign enterprises are often unable to find suitable partners from Estonia due to various reasons (language barrier, lack of information and time, etc.). Enterprise Estonia tackles this problem head-on by acting as a mediator and providing a sourcing service.
Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond(ENG)


The sourcing service of Enterprise Estonia involves supplying foreign enterprises with information about potential partners from Estonia. In the case of visits from foreign enterprises, we are also happy to organise business meetings.

Our export advisers and officials of Estonian Embassies are well-informed of the sourcing service of Enterprise Estonia and often incorporate it in their work.

After a foreign enterprise has received a list of potential partners from Enterprise Estonia, they can contact suitable Estonian exporters directly or via Enterprise Estonia.

Terms and Conditions

  • The sourcing service is free for enterprises.
  • The enterprise should have an informative webpage, preferably with an English translation.


For sourcing service get in touch by filling a form or contacting