Supporting of the international family tourism attractions

Support conditions
The support for international family tourism attraction can be applied for by the family tourism attractions that are interesting for foreign visitors and open at least 6 months per year, offering services and leisure activities (edutainment, recreation, entertainment) for families with children of different ages.

The support is granted for the family attraction investments, the development of exposition and services, and the marketing of the attraction on foreign markets. The support can be applied for by both new and further developed existing attractions located all over Estonia, including in Tallinn.
The minimum support for the new attractions is 1 MEUR and maximum support 2.75 MEUR.

The minimum support applied for further development of the existing attractions is 750,000 EUR and the maximum amount 2.75 MEUR.

The total investment volume together with the support, self-financing and ineligible costs may not exceed 5 MEUR.

The share of support from the project cost is up to 50% based on the type of state aid. Self-financing based on the type of state aid is at least 50%. See § 11. Maximum amount and percentage of support for explanation.

See also State Aid rules in here and other EU legislation.
The maximum grant percentage from the entire cost is 50%
Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond

Total budget

The support is granted within one call for proposals with its total volume being 14.9 MEUR (6–19 projects are being supported).



Terms and Conditions

  • the attraction is located in Estonia;
  • the attraction is open at least six months per year;
  • the attraction is able to service at least 60,000 visitors per year;
  • if the applicant or partner is not a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), it is required to involve an SME in the servicing of the attraction visitors;
  • the establishment of the attraction contributes to boosting tourism demand on at least one priority target market of the tourism development plan;
  • the attraction concept, marketing activities, and communication comply with the Estonian marketing concept developed by the implementing unit and published on the website of the implementing unit;
  • the attraction and its website provide information about the tourism opportunities in Estonia and at the place of destination;
  • the beneficiary ensures information about the website of at the attraction site and through its marketing channels;
  • the attraction supported must be usable for all its user groups in the best possible way according to the principles of universal design;
  • the information and service provided to foreign visitors must be at least in English.

Conditions and procedures for supporting the international family tourism attraction

Activities that are supported

  • the development and construction of the attraction infrastructure;
  • purchasing of tangible assets necessary for the provision of services at the attraction site and of accompanying intangible assets;
  • the development of services provided at the attraction site;
  • the training of staff needed for the servicing of visitors;
  • the implementation of marketing activities on the priority target market established in the tourism development plan.

Not supported:

  • investments in sports objects (a sports object is an object which is used by the sports clubs for the purposes of sports and the organisation of sports competitions, and which can be also used by a person who does not belong to the sports club by prior agreement or at the scheduled time);
  • investments in the development of accommodation services;
  • investments in such activities or facilities of an attraction, which are not targeted at servicing visitors.


Application takes place through the e-service of Enterprise Estonia. The pre-applications are submitted on 1 December at 17:00, at the latest. The pre-application is evaluated in the evaluation committee and the evaluated pre-applications are ranked.

The information day of the support takes place in Tallinn on 25 August. Registration will be opened on the website of EAS.

Prior to the submission of the application, there will be individual pre-consultation sessions for each project. The pre-consultation sessions take place in Tallinn and Tartu from September 2016.

The activities related to the evaluation of the pre-applications and the evaluation process take place within 60 working days.

Only those applicants have the right to submit the basic application who fit within the limits of budgetary volume of the support on the basis of the ranking list.

The basic application is submitted on an ongoing basis within 250 working days from the date of the decision to approve the pre-application.

More information:
Jane Jakobson
telephone +372 738 6005

Piret Loorand
telephone +372 627 9507


In order to evaluate the project, Enterprise Estonia forms a tourism evaluation committee with its composition visible on the website of Enterprise Estonia. The compliant project which has been described in the pre-application is evaluated as follows:

  • the impact of the project on the achievement of the objective and the result of the measure – 40 percent from the total grade;
  • the international competitiveness of the attraction to be developed – 20 percent from the total grade;
  • the justification of the project, the cost-effectiveness of the project, and the sustainability of the attraction to be developed – 20 percent from the total grade;
  • the organisational capacity of the application and the capacity of the project team – 20 percent from the total grade.

The application is evaluated on a scale of 0–4. The pre-application that has been recognised as compliant is subject to approval, provided that the grade of criterion and the total grade of the whole project is at least 2.75 and its ranking does not exceed the budget of the call for proposals.



The beneficiary submits the interim reports of the project, the final report of the project, and the report following the implementation of the project by the due dates indicated in the decision to approve the application. The length of the reporting period is at least 3 months and up to 12 months. The payment of support takes place on the basis of the report within the framework of the same schedule.