Counselling in Regional Development Centres

Open Target group: entrepreneurial people – potential, start-up and experienced entrepreneurs.

The business consultants of Regional Development Centres (RDC-s) offer free counselling to entrepreneurs, thereby supporting and guiding the development of entrepreneurship in counties. How to get started? How to develop your company and reach the next level? How to orientate in the grant system and find information necessary for business activities? – these are a few questions with which RDC-s are glad to help you.

Free business counselling offers all entrepreneurs an opportunity to make calculated development decisions and reach the goals they have set in their business plan.
Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond(ENG)



Regional Development Centres:

  • give advice on how to follow through with all the steps on the path of a start-up entrepreneur;
  • provide information about grant opportunities, regional business, and services of the private market consultants;
  • provide assistance in thoroughly analysing business and development plans;
  • offer preliminary counselling and preliminary assessments to potential applicants of the start-up grant;
  • find solutions!


Contact the Reginal Development Centre that best suits your needs!

The counselling of entrepreneurs in Regional Development Centres is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and it is free for all participants.