Export grant for creative industries

Target group: private legal entities who work in various fields of creative industries.

EAS has set up the export grant for creative industries in order to provide support to enterprises who are just getting started in export or want to invigorate their exporting activities.

Enterprises of creative industries operate in an economic sphere that is based on individual and collective creativity, skills and talent. These are characteristics that can provide precious added value to regular products, thereby giving them a unique marketing advantage over competing products. In terms of copyright protection, their creation may be unique in itself, be it a project, service, design etc.

The domains of creative industries include architecture, audiovisual field (incl. film and video, public broadcasting), design, performing arts, publishing, art, cultural heritage (incl. museums, libraries, crafts), entertainment software (incl. games and entertainment environments), music, advertising.

Maximum grant 50,000 EUR

The maximum grant percentage from the entire cost is 70%



Terms and Conditions

Get acquainted with conditions, procedures and the explanatory memorandum of the grant, here. Translation.

Each applicant who has received a grant from European Regional Development Fund must inform the public about receiving the grant, using the logo of the European Regional Development Fund and the EAS. Please refer to the guideline and logos.

Activities that are supported

Grants will be given to projects in which entrepreneurs who are active in creative industries increase their export capacity by:

  • exchanging information and contacts,
  • conducting seminars, courses and study trips for entrepreneurs,
  • organising networking events, development programmes, counselling and mentoring,
  • developing new products and services,
  • supporting the placement of new products and services on the market, participating at fairs,
  • conducting research that is necessary to enter new markets.


The application process is conducted via the EAS e-service.

Information and Support Centre, info@eas.ee

Documents that are necessary for application

  • Application form sample
  • Project plan
  • Salary calculation instruction sheet 2015


The evaluation is conducted by an EAS customer manager and the evaluation committee.

The projects are evaluated on the basis of the evaluation methodology and the following criteria:

  • Project impact in terms of meeting the goals of the measure – 30%
  • Justification of the project – 25 %
  • Cost-effectiveness – 20 %
  • The capability of the applicant and their partners to implement the project – 25%


Reports shall be sent to EAS via their e-service once every 3-6 months and the grant is paid retroactively.

Be sure to use the intermediate report and final report forms.