Large investor support scheme

Open Target group: Companies registered in the Estonian commercial register operating in the manufacturing sector.

The aim of the support scheme is active involvement of large investors in the economy of Estonia through technology investments, which contribute to the growth of productivity and export potential of a company, the increase of the added value of products, the opening of new market opportunities, and create conditions for the establishment of higher value adding jobs.

Maximum grant 1 000 000 EUR

The maximum grant percentage from the entire cost is 10%
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Total budget

2,5 million euros. The support scheme is financed from the state budget for 2018.


Terms and Conditions

Large investor is a company registered in the Estonian commercial register  whose principal activity belongs to the areas of activity indicated in section C “Manufacturing” of EMTAK 2008 or whose project for which the support is applied belongs to the areas of activity of section C “Manufacturing” of EMTAK 2008.

The consolidated turnover of large investor, its parent company or a group, where the large investor belongs to, was at least 100 million euros during the financial year preceding the submission of application.

The amount of support is 1 000 000 euros.

Grant rate is up to 10% of eligible costs.

The maximum duration of a project is 24 months.

Terms and conditions of the support.


The following projects are preferred:

  • Investments made outside urban area of Tallinn. Tallinn urban area includes Tallinn and rural and urban municipalities directly bordering it: Maardu urban municipalities and Harku, Saue, Saku, Kiili, Rae, Jõelähtme, and Viimsi rural municipalities.
  • projects that fall within the following growth areas of smart specialisation:
    • information and communications technology (ICT) horizontally through other sectors,
    • health technologies and services,
    • a more effective use of resources.


Activities that are supported

Eligible is purchasing new tangible and intangible fixed assets. Upon purchasing an immovable property (land and building), the acquisition and restoration of the new immovable property shall be eligible for the applicant.


Prior to submitting an application, you should definitely meet with the Foreign Investment Project Team in order to introduce your project and get an evaluation on its suitability. The project plan guide is available here.

The application shall be accepted through the e-service of Enterprise Estonia on an ongoing basis.

Raido Lember
Head of Investment Advisors


Information and support centre, +372 6279 700 


The applications are evaluated by an evaluation committee of the EAS.

The evaluation criteria of the application and their percentages of the total grade are the following:

  • The project’s impact on the achievement of the The terms and conditions and procedures for the support of major investor – 30% of total score.
  • The applicant’s capability to achieve the project’s objectives – 35% of total score.
  • The project’s impact on Estonia – 20% of total score.
  • The project’s site is located outside of Tallinn urban area – 10% of total score (bonus criteria).
  • The project belongs to the smart specialisation areas – 5% of total score (bonus criteria).




Reports are submitted via the EAS e-service.