Strategic intellectual property consultation

Open Target group: Estonian enterprises actively exporting or intending to start exporting

Intellectual property is increasingly becoming the most valuable assets of all enterprises developing new products and services. Contrary to common belief, a patent is not the only effective way to protect it or profit from it. Strategic intellectual property consultation, provided by Enterprise Estonia, gives export-oriented enterprises fast and practical guidance on intellectual property protection and strategic implementation thereof.

A strategic consultation will help enterprises manage and exploit their intellectual property to its full potential. The consultation provides enterprises with guidance relevant solely to them, from evaluating who actually owns the intellectual property they're using and how intellectual property affects the net profit of the enterprise; to the identification of the development trends of competitors and finding potential partners on the basis of their public patent portfolio.
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Strategic intellectual property consultation helps enterprises to consider major issues related to IP, such as:

  1. Every enterprise involved in product development must be certain that the ownership of the product-related IP actually belongs to them. Has the transfer of IP from the employee to the enterprise been documented in writing? Have the engineers, working part-time in your startup, assigned the IP they create over to their main employer under their employment contracts, etc?
  2. If the product is already on the market, patent protection for the IP it contains can no longer be applied for. The same is true for the elements disclosed in promotional materials. Has it been carefully considered which IP elements in connection with the product can be freely published, for which applying for protection should be considered and which should be considered business secrets?
  3. Every product has strategically important and less so components. While the more complementary elements of a product would be a good option to make some money from licensing, it is wise to ensure that the entire product core is always under the control of the enterprise. What, then, is the core of the product?  How can it be protected?

With the support of the Enterprise Estonia intellectual property specialist, enterprises can be confident that their greatest asset is safe and generates the maximum revenue possible.

Terms and Conditions

The intellectual property services of Enterprise Estonia are open to entrepreneurs exporting products developed and manufactured in Estonia, who want to pursue the said activities.

Enterprise Estonia shall not be held responsible for any decisions or actions of the service recipient, or any decrease in their profit, loss of income, loss of profit, non-pecuniary damages, or any other indirect damages.

Excluded sectors:

  • primary production of agricultural products listed in Annex I of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union;
  • processing and distribution of agricultural products listed in Annex I of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union in cases provided in Article 1 (1) (c) of the de minimis Regulation;
  • fisheries and aquaculture, pursuant to Article 1 (1) (a) of the de minimis Regulation;
  • agriculture, forestry and fishing (EMTAK 2008 section A) and processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs (EMTAK section C 102);
  • intermediation of sales, wholesale and retail trade (EMTAK 2008 section G), excluding maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles;
  • real estate activities (EMTAK 2008 section L);
  • manufacture of tobacco products (EMTAK 2008 section C 120);
  • gambling and betting activities (EMTAK 2008, section R, 920);
  • financial and insurance activities (EMTAK 2008 section K);
  • legal and accounting activities (EMTAK 2008 section M 69), activities of head offices and management consultancy activities (EMTAK 2008 70), advertising (incl. online advertising) and market research (EMTAK 2008 section M 73);
  • rental and leasing activities, and temporary employment agency activities (EMTAK 2008 section N 77 and EMTAK 2008 section N 782).

The specialist’s services are free of charge for up to 2 hours of face-to-face time but are subject to the rules of de minimis aid. Starting from the 3rd hour, the price of the service is at 100 € per hour plus VAT.


If your company is interested in this service, please contact the Enterprise Estonia intellectual property specialist
Siim Kinnas, M.Sc.Tech
5858 7212

If you already are a customer of Enterprise Estonia, please contact your customer relationship manager.