Industry diagnostics

Open Target group: an enterprise with the desire and means to realise ambitious growth and development plans that has experience in export and is engaged in the development of their products or services.

The impartial assessment of an expert along with the identification of possible development needs and opportunities will help enterprises plan their resources where they are most needed and thus concentrate on reaching their most important goals.

Value of diagnostics to a client:

  • an opportunity to discuss issues important to their enterprise with a renowned specialist of the industry

  • a chance to compare their company's activities in an international context

  • an impartial assessment through the eyes of a competent bystander will help the enterprise find solutions to specific shortcomings

  • a clearer understanding of the enterprise's development goals and resources provides necessary focus and alternatives

  • a specific input into the enterprise's development plans and strategies

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Diagnostics concentrates on areas that are key for achieving growth targets, but where the current situation vastly differs from the planned situation.

The enterprise can choose diagnostics in one or both of the following areas:

  • marketing and sales
  • manufacturing/service provision

The diagnostics process can last for up to one calendar month, including a one-day visit to the enterprise. An expert will compile a diagnostics report based on observation, interviews and documentation analysis.

The report maps out the enterprise’s current situation and is a practical tool that can be relied on in future activities. The expert will discuss all assessments and proposals made in the report with enterprise managers and other key personnel.


Diagnostics are meant for enterprises taking part in EAS’ enterprise development programmes. The number of diagnostics is limited.

If you wish to receive additional information on industry diagnostics, please fill in a short FORM

EAS’ client manager will ascertain the need for diagnostics and contact you.

Participation fee is 250 euros per diagnostics. VAT is added to the fee.

The diagnostics service is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The cost of diagnostics by EAS from the European Regional Development Fund per enterprise is 3000 to 5550 euros and this is considered de minimis aid. De minimis aid given to an enterprise during the current financial year as well as the two previous financial years cannot exceed the maximum amount of de minimis aid of 200,000 euros (for road transport industry enterprises 100,000 euros).

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