Digital diagnostics

Target group: an entrepreneur whose principal activity is manufacturing or mining and quarrying

The objective of the grant is to support the preparation of diagnostics for the digitisation and automation of manufacturing and mining and quarrying.

The maximum amount of grant depends on the sales revenue of the business year preceding the application for the grant of enterprise.

If the enterprise’s sales revenue (€) for the previous year is the following:
200,000–1 million, then the grant is 5,000
1 million–5 million, then the grant is 10,000
over 5 million, then the grant is 15,000
The maximum grant percentage from the entire cost is 70%
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Total budget

1,1 million euros



Terms and Conditions

Prior to submitting an application, we recommend reading the Regulation of the Digital Diagnostics Grant (here). Translation.

  • The principal activity of the applicant covers manufacturing (EMTAK division C) and mining and quarrying (EMTAK 2008 division B).
  • The average sales revenue of the two financial years preceding the submission of the application in accordance with the annual report submitted to the commercial register shall be at least 200,000 euros in Estonia for the principal activity.
  • The tax or payment arrears, inclusive of interests, shall not exceed 100 euros, or these shall be deferred and the deferred tax arrears shall be paid in accordance to the schedule.
  • The applicant or a person having control over the applicant may not subject to liquidation, compulsory dissolution or bankruptcy proceedings, and no bankruptcy decisions may not have been made with regard to this person.
  • The applicant’s equity shall meet the requirements of the Commercial Code.

Activities that are supported

The supported activity is to carry out digital diagnostics at the Estonian site of an enterprise registered in the Estonian commercial register.

Digital diagnostics shall include all the following activities:

  • an overview of the bottlenecks in the entrepreneur’s strategic management and business model, the production planning and human resources, quality system and product development management, procurement process, delivery process, product and semi-product and raw material return and follow-up service processes;
  • an estimate of the priority of tackling bottlenecks;
  • an estimate of the cost of digitalisation and automation solutions for bottlenecks;
  • an estimate of the payout period of the proposed solutions for bottlenecks and impact on the economic performance of the entrepreneur.

Digi-diagnostics must be prepared in Estonian, English or Russian. The completed work shall be submitted digitally by the digital diagnostics provider.

Notification of receipt of grant

  • Any applicant who has receive a digital diagnostics grant shall inform the public about the receipt of grant by using the double logo of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and Enterprise Estonia (see here), referring to the name and objective of the project.
  • The logo shall be published on the website of the project promoter within one year of receiving the decision to approve the application.


Prior to submission of the application, it is mandatory to read through the GOOD PRACTICE of digital diagnostics and ask for a PRICE OFFER from an enterprise providing diagnostics

The good practice of digital diagnostics describes in detail the principles of digital diagnostics grant, the application for grant and the process and methodology of performing diagnostics. Adherence to good practice is a prerequisite for successful digital diagnostics and the preparation of the corresponding report that meets the conditions.

Before conducting digital diagnostics, it is necessary for the enterprise to fill out a self-assessment questionnaire.


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Application process and documents

  • Asking for a price offer

    • The enterprise requesting diagnostics shall ask for a price offer from the enterprise providing diagnostics, see also the requirements of the service provider’s competence (Chapter 3 of Good Practice)
    • The enterprise providing diagnostics shall submit a price offer that shall include at least the competencies of the service provider, references (3 previous jobs), schedule and volume of service, and price
  • Submitting an application to Enterprise Estonia

    • The enterprise requesting diagnostics shall contact Enterprise Estonia with an application  to receive a grant for carrying out digital diagnostics
    • The application shall be submitted in the e-service of Enterprise Estonia
    • In addition to the requested information, the application shall also include the corresponding price offer
  • Enterprise Estonia will process the application

    • Enterprise Estonia shall make a decision to approve or reject the application
    • Grant amounts to 70% of the cost of diagnostics
    • Maximum grant amounts:
    Enterprise’s sales revenue for the previous year, € Maximum grant amount, €
    200 000 – 1 million 5 000
    1 million – 5 million 10 000
     over 5 million 15 000
    • For example: In case of an enterprise with its sales revenue amounting to 1.5 million euros, who has been submitted a price offer at the cost of 6,000 euros, the amount of grant is 4,200 euros and self-financing 1,800 euros. Grant shall be paid for diagnostics performed and reports prepared according to good practice
    • Grant for an entrepreneur shall be de minimis aid.
  • Filling out a self-assessment questionnaire

  • Performance of diagnostics

    • Performance of diagnostics shall be a two-sided activity between an enterprise and the diagnostics provider.
    • Diagnostics shall be carried out during the project’s eligibility period, i.e. within up to 6 months of the start of the project.
  • Presenting completed digital diagnostics to Enterprise Estonia

    • An enterprise shall provide Enterprise Estonia with the final report (sample) and the diagnostics report that has been digitally signed by the enterprise and the diagnostics provider
    • Enterprise Estonia shall evaluate the completed digital diagnostics and the compliance with the conditions for awarding the grant (see also the topics under the supported activities that diagnostics have to address and the guidelines for good practice) by involving experts, if necessary. After submitting and evaluating a high quality and compliant report, Enterprise Estonia shall pay the grant.
    • The costs related to digital diagnostics shall be paid by bank transfer.
    • If the completed digital diagnostics prove to be of poor quality, Enterprise Estonia has the right to refuse to pay the grant.