Development of clusters

The development programme of clusters was launched in 2008. The programme is financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Clusters as cooperation networks implement international marketing activities and develop cooperation in order to help primarily small and medium-sized enterprises, who make up a majority in Estonia, gain a stronger position outside of Estonia.


Activities that are supported

  • implementation of development activities of a cluster, incl. conducting research and using expert assessment to acquire sector or target market based knowledge concerning market demands, technical requirements, materials, functional characteristics of products, design and other similar aspects; improving processes, products and services or carrying out activities that facilitate the development of new processes, products and services; training and educating workforce and mapping workforce needs; mapping of technologies and equipment and coordinating those for more efficient (joint) use, determination of need for innovation and division of production capacities;
  • conducting and coordinating joint marketing activities of the cluster, incl. target market research or expert assessments, using info sources and databases and conducting or participating in marketing events aimed at introducing products and services of cluster partners;
  • increasing international visibility and value, incl. organising seminars, workshops, conferences and other events that are necessary for improving cooperation and getting new partners involved.

Clusters supported in the period 2019-2023:


Please contact above mentioned clusters to participate.