Asia Information Center

Open Target group: Estonian companies wishing to export their services or products to foreign markets.

Asia Information Centre aims to offer Estonian companies support to export to Asian markets and to encourage business cooperation between Estonia and Asia. The services offered by Asia Information Centre are designed to help companies to navigate in the different business culture, language and regulations of the Asian markets. With exports, investments, tourism and politics being tightly connected, the centre also aims to support other stakeholders, including the public sector and ministries, to support informed decision-making on Asia. 
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Services for the Chinese and Japanese market

Information materials

Trade and investment advisers in Asia

The trade and investment advisers in Asia are based in China, Japan, India and Singapore. 

Terms and Conditions

  • EAS export services are designed for Estonian companies who export their products or services produced or developed in Estonia, and who wish to start those business activities.
  • EAS is not responsible for decisions and activities of clients, and not responsible for the loss of income, loss of profit, non-pecuniary damage or any other indirect damage to the recipient of the services.
  • Excluded areas:

  • Primary agricultural products listed in Annex I due to the treaty between European Union;
  • Fisheries and aquaculture, which are governed by Council Regulation (EU) No. 1379/2013;
  • Tobacco and production, processing and marketing of tobacco products;
  • Gambling and betting


For further information, please contact Asia Information Centre directly or write to

Asia Information Centre  Trade and Investment Advisors 


Ms. Kai Kreos 
Head of Asia Information Centre
+372 627 9703