Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014–2021

Target group: private businesses

Business Development, Innovation and SMEs
Programme: Competitivness

Areas of support:

  • Innovative technologies, processes and services

  • Sustainable business development

  • Greening of existing businesses and processes

  • Development and implementation of innovative products and services

Activities that are supported

Programme area specifics:

The programme area is targeted at private businesses. The aim is that 75% of the funding shall be allocated to SME-s.

Programme shall consist of a maximum of three focus areas chosen among the following:

  • green industry innovation,
  • welfare technology,
  • and ICT.

At least 50% of funding goes to green industry innovation.
Priority shall be given to bilateral partnership projects that are offering added value.

Programme opening: fall 2018.


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Programme area specifics, grant:
Anari Lilleoja
Programme Manager
Support Centre
Phone +372 627 9452

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