Global Estonians Network

Target group: Estonian exporters

The Global Estonians Network is a network of experienced business professionals who have volunteered to provide consultations to Estonian enterprises wishing to enter foreign markets.


The service enables an Estonian company to learn more about the possibilities of their product or service from a Global Estonian who has business experience on the relevant export market. The Estonian company will get advice and suggestions from the Global Estonian on how to enter this export market with their product or service. The Global Estonians can also share their contact network in the target country so that the Estonian exporter could communicate with the right people for their area of activity.

The service will be provided by Global Estonians – business professionals with plenty of experience who have been selected by Enterprise Estonia and who are very knowledgeable of their export market business environment and have a wide contact network in the target country. Global Estonians might be people who know a certain foreign market exceptionally well or people who have close business relations with Estonia and wish to help Estonian companies expand to their domestic market.

Terms and Conditions

You can see where the service is available by browsing the profiles of Global Estonians. We do not offer services of the Global Estonians Network on the markets where we already provide the Export Partner Search service (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands, UK and China).

Global Estonians have the right to refuse to provide consultation to an Estonian company if they cannot understand the wishes of the company, do not have adequate experience in the given field or there is a conflict of interests.


Advisory services provided by the Global Estonians Network are free for enterprises that are registered in Estonia.

If you are interested in the service, please fill in our inquiry form. Be sure to describe your request in a clear and concise way in English so that the Global Estonian could get a good overview of the challenge that your company faces.