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About the Space Office

Estonian Space Office is a unit established at the Enterprise Estonia (EE) with the purpose to exchange information between the European Space Agency, Estonian companies and research institutions.

Estonian Space Office advises Estonian enterprises in participating in ESA projects, participates in ESA management bodies, coordinates and promotes the full cooperation between Estonian enterprises, research institutions and ESA.

Although Estonia’s most important partner in the field of space is ESA, Estonian Space Office has close contacts with other major global space agencies, organizations and companies. In addition to ESA, Estonian Space Office also serves as a direct contact point in Estonia for IAF, EURISY and EUMETSAT in procurement-related matters.

Estonian Space Office organises international space events in Estonia, participates in events organized by foreign partners, facilitates contacts between Estonian enterprises and international space organizations. Estonian Space Office also seeks for suitable partners in Estonia for foreign organisations and carries out activities for raising public awareness in space.