A selection of companies, science and research institutions listed in this section are considered as core Estonian space related organizations. We would be more than happy to receive specific enquiries from space organizations from Europe and  worldwide regarding cooperation and opportunities with our space industry. Please feel free to contact us directly regarding any specific matter. We would be glad to set up private face-to-face meetings and site visits according to your preferences. All following companies are recommend as potential partners for any private business cases or members in your potential Horizon 2020 Space projects consortiums.


ESA Contractors 
ESA suppliers; mostly contracts from PECS (Plan for European Cooperating States) projects and ESA’s New Member States Incentive Scheme initiative

AS Based on different commercial satellite data and combing it with free license Sentinel 1a time series, Reach-U provides several services for the forestry sector. Reach-U is the main distributor of commercial satellite imagery in the Baltic States for Airbus Defence & Security, Blackbridge  and Digital Globe remote sensing products.
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Skeleton Technologies OÜ
Europe’s leading manufacturer of ultracapacitors. Skeleton Technologies’ patented curved graphene is changing the world of energy storage. Skeleton’s ultracapacitors deliver twice the energy density and 4 times the power density offered by other manufacturers. 
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CGI Eesti AS
CGI company has 40years experience in space activities. CGI Estonia specialists have been involved into several space projects: software development for Galileo navigation system, navigation software for Estonian first satellite ESTCube-1 and  IT-security system for data transfer etc.

IB Krates OÜ
IB Krates is an Estonian software developer and systems integrator offering services in the field of industrial automation, remote monitoring, embedded systems and related development tools.

Myoton AS
Myoton AS was established as a spin-out from the University of Tartu, Estonia, with the ambitious goal of pioneering the way muscle health can be quantified. The company has been operating since 1999 and is currently headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia.

Tensiotrace OÜ
Tensiotrace Ltd was organised for development and validation of diagnostic methods and tools for cardiovascular medicine.

Estonian Materials Technologies Competence Centre (MATECC)
MATECC is a private company founded in 2014. MATECC’s mission is to provide research, development and innovation services in the field of materials technology for both domestic and foreign clients.  Researchers of the centre also are developing  for ESA nanotechnology lubricant suitable for extreme conditions.

Estrotech OÜ
Modern day society space technologies have become a part of our everyday life. Company’s team of experts is keen of filling the gap between research outcomes, public goods and business opportunities, providing all the necessary means for a successful knowledge transfer by consultancy and educational services.

Vertex Estonia AS
Vertex Estonia AS has good experience in two main business activities: production of antennas for ground station  for satellite communication and  production of steel construction and industrial equipment. Vertex Estonia AS combines experience in related skills and technologies to produce equipment not only from carbon steel but also from stainless steel and aluminium.
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43 dB OÜ (Streago)
With offices currently in Tallinn, Estonia and Tokyo, Japan, 43dB OÜ, operating under its registered trademark Streago, designs and delivers novel secure industrial cloud 3D printing platforms operating the connected Virtual Factories of the FutureTM. Following its vision for the digital cloud-based manufacturing systems era, Streago works with leading industrial partners, anticipating and serving new Additive Manufacturing business trends with patent pending technology solutions. In addition to the European Space Agency ESA, Streago counts iconic global brands among its unannounced client list.

Satrian Aerospace OÜ
Satrian - a company specialized in creating and developing some of the best Software Defined Radios in the world with a well established business network.

Modesat Communications
Modesat Communications is a rapidly growing privately held technology company specializing in the design, development and commercialization of high throughput FPGA or ASIC based digital modems for microwave, millimeter wave and satellite communications applications. Aquired by US company Xilinx in 2012.

Invent Baltics OÜ
Invent Baltics Ltd has a long-term experience in the field research- and development projects. Company’s consultants have prepared more than 70 successful projects to different European Union Innovation Funds (Horizon 2020, EUREKA EUROSTARS), bringing more than 150 million euros to the clients to finance applied research and product development. Over the last couple of years the company has provided services to enterprises and R&D organizations in more than 20 countries.


Companies with interests and intentions in space area
(Registered in ESA’s procurement system ESA-star (ESA’s System for Tendering And Registration); participated at ESA Industry Space Days)


Software and software components

Cybernetica AS
Cybernetica is a R&D intensive ICT company that researches, develops and manufactures software solutions, light signalling and telematics products, maritime surveillance and radio communications systems; investigates and applies the theoretical and practical security solutions.

Nortal AS
Nortal is a multinational strategic change and technology company. Company’s mission is to simplify and optimize naturally complex processes in order to create a Seamless Society.

Proekspert AS
The company is an expert in smart devices – from product engineering to user interface design, to predictive data and analysis.

Planet OS OÜ
Planet OS provides powerful cloud-based data solutions for the $376 Billion Geospatial Services market. Geospatial IoT products include a Powerboard for the energy industry, data publishing for governments, and data access for everyone.
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SpaceIT OÜ
Data processing, web hosting
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Infologic OÜ
Company’s team is here to guide and aid in your journey of digital transformation.


Embedded hardware and software

Liewenthal Electronics OÜ
The company is specialized in embedded electronics and software development, mainly in the fields of industrial control, telecommunication, space technology, medical equipment and consumer electronics.
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Wazombi Labs OÜ
Company is helping clients bring their ideas into working prototypes – from their great idea into a mobile application mockup, functional hardware gadget... or why not both.


Earth Observation Solutions

Kappazeta OÜ
Grassland cutting detection. Precision farming. Mapping of urban areas


RF devices and modules

Rantelon OÜ
Company’s production includes amplifiers and filters for TV-receiver antennas, different types of antennas (GSM, Wi-Fi) and CATV devices, those including units for the setup of internet inside a cable-TV systems.


Spectroscopy, optics, electro-optics

Crystalspace OÜ
Cmpany is focusing in nanosatellite research, designing and development field. Nanosatellites subsystems and components testing, analyzing are the fields the company is also active, having  the knowledge, experience and necessary equipment for that.
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Interspectrum OÜ
Interspectrum  has been designing and manufacturing optical and FTIR spectroscopy instruments since 1991.


New Materials

MikroMasch Eesti OÜ
MikroMasch is developing a novel lithium battery technology and new materials also.


Mechanical Engineering

Radius Space OÜ
Radius Space is a new company with heritages from successful space projects and a manufacturing company.



Erismet OÜ
Erismet carbon fiber composites are strong, light and beautiful.




Space related Science

Tartu Observatory

Eliko Competence Centre

Estonian Materials Technologies Competence Centre

Estonian Nanotechnology Competence Centre

Talinn University of Technology

TUT Mektory Space Centre

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Chemistry Institute,Tallinn University of Technology, TUT

Computer Engineering Department, TUT

Computer Science Department, TUT

Department of Mechatronics, TUT

Department of Physics, TUT     

Electronics Department, TUT

Gene Technology Department, TUT

Industrial Psychology Department, TUT

Department of Materials Engineering, TUT  

Department of Radio- and Communications Engineering, TUT

Marine Systems Institute, TUT

Tartu University

Chemistry Institute, TU

Computer Science Institute, TU

Estonian Marine Institute, TU

Intelligent Materials and Systems Laboratory, TU

Physics Institute, Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, TU

Institute of Technology, TU