• ESA’s 17th Business Incubation Centre was opened in Estonia during the European Space Week in November 2017 to support entrepreneurs for turning space technology and satellite services into terrestrial business ventures.
    “Estonian companies have been cooperating with ESA for five years, and have demonstrated excellent space capabilities and potential for developing services and applications from space-related Technologies,“ said ESA Director General Jan Woerner (first from left) at the opening.

    Image: ESA BIC Estonia/R.Kooskora

  • As part of of ESA’s 268th council in June 2017 Urve Palo, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology of the Republic of Estonia, and Jan Woerner, ESA Director General, digitally signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Information and Communications Technology collaboration. It is the first digital signature performed at ESA.

    “I am happy to see that the digital signature has found its way to the European Space Agency,” noted Ms Palo. “I and every other Estonian use it on a daily basis, saving up to five working days per year by this solution."

    ESA; imgage credits: Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

  • Estonian built Mars house S.H.E.E. continues its tour around the world. Current location of the Martian habitat in the Project Moowalk base camp in Spain, Rio Tinto is an experimental landscape for simulating human and robotic cooperation and interaction for the future missions to the Moon and Mars.

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    Image credit: Project S.H.E.E


Datel is developing a new early warning system based on satellite open data

One of the biggest ICT enterprises in Estonia, Datel is developing a new early warning system based on satellite open data for large infrastructure, e.g. bridges, railways, pipelines, port areas and mines, as part of a research and development cooperation contract with the European Space Agency.

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