Green Industry Innovation dinner

NGIt is our honour and privilege to invite you to the Green Industry Innovation networking dinner with the Estonian ICT sector on April 6th at 18.00 in Brusveen Gård, Gjøvik. Please register on the form below.

Norway is the largest financier of green business development in Eastern Europe with 100M EUR. The Green Industry Innovation program of Norway Grants is already showing outstanding results in creation of green business ideas and new environmental technologies. Furthermore, bilateral relationships between Norway and Estonia have been encouraged by the programme as Norwegian companies have been active partners in financed projects. For strengthening the cooperation between Norway and Estonia you are kindly invited to a networking event with Estonian companies.

Contact person:
Marge Pihlapuu
Programme Manager of Green ICT
+372 62 79 421

Please register here:

Estonian participants:

  • Helmes

    Helmes_logoHelmes is an international software development house with 200+ experts, 25 years of experience, HQ in Estonia and clients across the Europe and US. Our partners trust us the design, development and maintenance of their most business critical software solutions and the most complex system integration projects. Created solutions replace work processes demanding large volumes of human work with automated and efficient processes. Our competences include software development, license solutions, hosting and maintenance of applications.

  • Icefire

    IceFire logoIcefire plc. is a leading ICT services and development company in Estonia, building innovative information systems and taking care of most critical processes for Public Sector Institutions, Telecom, Financial Services and Homeland Security area. Central information system developed for Estonian Tax and Customs Board is retaining the top position in the effectiveness rating in the world by OECD and valued with Finnish Quality Award from 2011 for Technological Innovation. Icefire has developed full commercial banking core software and successfully implemented into different Nordic Banks. Our latest success story is pan European payment institution Pocopay, bringing together the old and the new, inspiration from the young and lessons from experienced bankers. 

  • Helesinine Consulting

    Helesinine_logo_suur_ENGHelesinine Consulting provides software development and ICT consulting for large scale or mission critical projects, focusing on project planning and architecture, agile coaching and IT audit.

  • The Estonian ICT Demo Center

    ICT Demo Center logoThe Estonian ICT Demo Center is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation dedicated to uniting companies in the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector. The DC was created by the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications and is closely tied to it. The DC’s role is to mobilize its member organizations for co-operation in specific areas. A significant number of member companies have expertise in developing Real-time Economy which, along with the e-Receipt project, is one the main streams in the ICT Cluster business development unit.

  • SK

    SK_logoSK provides full e-authentication and digital signature solutions for the most demanding private and public services. Our core business is certification : national personal identification documents (ID-card, Digi-ID, Mobile-ID, residence permit, e-resident’s Digi-ID), certificates for tachograph cards and for organizations, architecture for digital signatures and documents (signature standard, end-user software, development libraries, web service) and real-time validity confirmation of a certificate (OCSP). SK is founded in 2001 and is owned by Swedbank, SEB and Telia.

  • Linxtelecom

    linxtelecom_logo_rgb_white_background_transparentThe Linx is an international provider of data centers, and connectivity and cloud solutions, with an in-depth knowledge of and a strong regional presence in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS countries, the Baltic states and Scandinavia.

  • Affecto

    logo_PMSAffecto builds unique software solutions to provide transparency, cooperation and effectiveness in society , and therefore supports better quality of life.  Affecto Estonia has focus on eHealth Solutions. We have developed Health Portal for GPs and Patients, eAmbulance application and Estonian Electronic Health Record. As IT consulting company we have references in different areas: Telecom, Energy, Utility, Forestry, Banking and Public eServices.

  • Proekspert

    pro-logo-500x140-blue-png-1Proekspert is an Estonian software development and design company. We are loading machines with intelligence, and mixing high-end design with the utmost usability. Our focus is on making machines and devices smarter, creating self-service environments, providing predictive analytics, usability and design.

    Proekspert is creating IT solutions for:

    • smart connected devices & machines (keywords: internet of things, industrial internet, industry 4.0)
    • human-to-machine self-service environments (keywords: self-service, mobility, cloud)
    • data analytics + automatization + future prediction (keywords: big data, data science, predictive analytics)
    • end-user experience + usability + design
    • product R&D (hardware + software + mechanics)

  • Nordic Automation Systems


    Nordic Automation Systems is an industrial automation development company specialising in sensor technologies. Our sensors measure the trigger time and consumption details of hand-held tools and machinery, giving feedback on workers’ vibration exposure levels, tools’ lifecycle and usage statistics, upcoming maintenance cycles and their history, inventory management and the location and user of the tool. Tool Monitoring System sensors are used to optimise everyday work and take the most effective use of tools and machinery, reducing production costs and saving energy. Sensors are fully automatic, wireless and need no maintenance or charging during product lifetime.

  • Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol

    Tehnopol_logoRGB_NEW2The Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol foundation is a science and business campus which aims to advance technology-based entrepreneurship in Estonia, bring scientists and entrepreneurs together and provide suitable conditions and a suitable environment for the realisation of breakthrough business ideas.

  • Ericsson

    ERI_UF_116pxAt Ericsson, we are making the Networked Society a reality, where anything that can benefit from being connected is connected. To realize this vision, we provide industry-leading network equipment and software, as well as services for network and business operations. Our portfolio also includes products for the enterprise, cable, mobile platform and power module markets. We have over 39,000 granted patents, comprising one of the industry’s strongest portfolios. Our global team of researchers is constantly improving on today’s technology and creating the breakthroughs that will shape tomorrow.

  • FocusIT

    FocusITFocusIT is a consultancy company specializing in information security. Our goal is to offer the best information security management and audit service. FocusIT has wide experience in the field of risk management and business continuity from different sectors. We use various national and international methodologies and standards, including ISKE and ISO 27001. Our consultants hold CISA and CISM certificates and possess a personnel security clearance for accessing classified information.

  • Resta

    logo tekstigaResta OÜ is an Estonian company with more than 24 years of experience in the fields of business intelligence, data warehousing and data quality management. We help enterprises to gather, organize, and visualize information scattered all over the organisation by developing and implementing enterprise wide analytical systems based on many different software platforms. Resta OÜ special offer is solution for Business Planning and Consolidation and great tool for Data Quality Management.

    Don’t hesitate to contact and ask more!






Success story of Green Industry Innovation

Eesti green IT joonis

There are many reasons for looking for partners in Estonia, a few of them are listed below:

  • Estonia is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe over the last decade. Both sales and sourcing possibilities bring Norwegian companies here. There is a good access to EU markets, including 85 million inhabitants in the Baltic Sea Region. Business environment is competitive: highly educated workforce, advanced technologic environment, low taxes.
  • Nordic countries are the largest investors and trading partners for the Baltic region, Norway has made the fastest growth over the last years. Today, there are over 1000 companies with Norwegian capital and thousands of Norwegian companies with business partners in the Baltics.
  • Estonia is geographically and culturally close to Nordic countries. 75% of Norwegian companies in the Baltics and Poland are satisfied/very satisfied with the results according Deloitte study.
  • Europe is number 1 market for Norwegian green business globally, as this sector depends on public regulations. The Baltics have EU regulations in combination with extensive EU funding, which are the drivers for the development in the market.
  • IT cooperation has grown especially with Estonia, who has focused Norway Grants on green IT – IT for energy, transport and logistics, production and trade, e-health. These IT subsectors are critical for solving local challenges, as well have global growth potential according Ernst ja Young study.
  • Today, Estonia is regarded as one of the most advanced e-governments in the world.
  • The use of technology and digital services is widespread in both the public and private sector.
  • Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency (a digital identity) to anyone interested in administering business online. e-Residents can digitally sign documents and contracts, verify the authenticity of signed documents, conduct e-banking and remote money transfers.
  • Estonia’s tax system is unique and the most competitive tax code in the OECD. First, it has a 20 percent tax rate on corporate income that is only applied to distributed profits. Second, it has a flat 20 percent tax on individual income that does not apply to personal dividend income. Third, its property tax applies only to the value of land rather than taxing the value of real property or capital. Finally, it has a territorial tax system that exempts 100 percent of the foreign profits earned by domestic corporations from domestic taxation, with few restrictions.