Workshop “How to create a cross border e-commerce store in China?”


14. oktoober 2020 kell 09:00 kuni kell 11:00
In English

Cross Border E-Commerce is on the rise in China. Chinese government encourages consumption from its citizens and even more now due to COVID travel restrictions. Most recently, on September 22, the government added three new Free Trade Zones rising to twenty-one the existing total so far.

Estonian small and medium companies may want to try entering the Chinese market via cross-border e-commerce shops to get familiar with the Chinese consumers but avoiding general trade costs and market access barriers initially. While there are several IT providers in China offering the set up and implementation of online cross-border shops, it is more difficult to find suppliers of such solutions in the EU or Estonia for that matter


The event aims to explain to software houses and other stakeholders in Estonia the concept of cross-border e-commerce shop, from design to logistics, from fulfilment to cross-border payments, so domestic software houses can understand and decide whether to implement its own solutions for satisfying the foreseeable demand of Estonian small and medium enterprises in their direct sales to Chinese consumers.

The training will be conducted by Rafael Jimenez – the China expert at Enterprise Estonia’s Aasia Keskus and the author of the EU manual ‘How to Set Up a Cross-Border WeChat Shop in China’


The participation is free of charge.

Please fill the registration form by 13th October below. 

The workshop is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


Additional information:

Ilaria Perla, Export Adviser in China, tel: +8613121664284

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