Webinar: Scouting opportunities for Estonian creators and creative industry companies in China


18. juuni 2020 kell 14:00 kuni kell 15:30
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EASi Aasia keskus

This webinar is organized by Estonia-Asia Trade Agency | EASi Aasia keskus.

The Chinese market has lots of potential for the export of services produced by Estonian individuals or Estonian companies with creativity in their heart. Even more in times when a creative economy emerges, but needs to scale up enough to achieve the necessary dimension for success. That is the case of the ’Creative Industry’ often confused with ’Culture Industry’ – however, the Chinese market distinguishes clearly between the two.

Now that China advances in a tighter protection of IPR rights, it is time for a primer. We will gather Estonian creators already exporting its designs to China, creators in China in a variety of fields, Estonian producers manufacturing in China while designing in Estonia, and as many as possible of the opportunities at the core of Creative Industries, ranging from design, music, publishing, specially children’s publishing, architecture, film and video, crafts, visual arts, fashion, TV and radio, advertising, literature, or games, to the performing arts or monetizing East-West museums partnerships, without forgetting content is all in China.

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The speakers line-up includes:

  • The fascination of Chinese with the unique couture and original embroideries of Siret Esko or the spectacular architectural designs and interiors of Martin Oliu
  • The mood of coziness through the Nordic hygge concept that act as a magnet for the modern Chinese consumer brought to China by Rasmus Gregersen
  • Winterwear designs, created in Estonia, manufactured in China, exclusive season collections with the touch of Estonian design, booming in China and Piret Echhorn knows it all
  • The business of gaming, advertising, comic, livestreaming and more. The stellar performance of Bilibili, Chinese company quoting in Nasdaq, told by Wang Yu, content responsible for Bilibili
  • The Singaporean film producer fascinated with Estonia, and the director presiding Singapore’s Film Association and their interest in producing about Estonia country and its lifestyle, Kong Li and Kenneth Goh
  • Learn with the ‘Estonian Marine Initiative’, how designs born in Estonia want to succeed in the cruising industry in Asia’; Merike Reino talks about the dozen+ Estonian companies transforming creativity into business in Asia
  • Acting, performing arts and publicity, by the very Anita Smirnova, the Estonian actress whose most of her brilliant career develops in China

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Participation in the webinar is FREE of charge for the companies.

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The seminar is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Webinar: Scouting opportunities for Estonian creators and creative industry companies in China

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