Webinar: China Food & Beverage Sector Post Covid-19


27. august 2020 kell 10:00 kuni kell 11:30
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EASi Aasia keskus

This webinar is organized by Estonia-Asia Trade Agency | EASi Aasia keskus.

Breif description of the webinar:

The aftermath of COVID in China with its mandatory confinement, but not only that, it has resulted in many changes when it comes to consumers' preferences regarding food and drinks. There is a consumption upgrade by Chinese consumers, a desire to eat and drink healthier and safer products. Thus, commonly used sales channels are affected also, for instance, categories and sub-categories have reshuffled since the consumers have started prioritizing the food and drinks choices with a purpose to stay safe and healthy. In addition to all that, throughout the webinar questions such as: What has changed with the F&B sector in China? Did Estonian companies manage to navigate through the turmoil during the first half of the year? Are there any new exports from Estonia to China from the food and beverages sector? will be answered. 

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Agenda of the webinar:

10.00-10.05 Estonia performance in food and drinks exports during the first half of 2020, and a short overview of what China is importing so far in agri-food.

By Rafael Jimenez, Estonia-Asia Trade Agency, Enterprise Estonia

10.05-11.05 Presentation by Pablo Recio 
Managing Director and Founder of EIBENS. With more than 15 years of experience in China in the segment of food and drinks, EIBENS treasures a deep knowledge of the China market. From small to large scale projects, Pablo knows it all about the export of food, drinks, and agriculture products to China. EIBENS is involved in deploying export programs for individual companies, central and regional governments, and EU wide export programs.

Xenia Joost – HAAGE Water 

Director of Exports at Haage Water, Joost conducted the final and successful negotiation with a large distributor in China in the midst of COVID. She will share the experience from her point of view, helping all of us to understand the do’s and don’ts, and the lessons learned in the competitive category of mineral water in China.

Joonas Püvi – SALVEST 

SALVEST was convinced China could be a market even if competition in smoothies and baby food is brutal. Joonas did the approach by the book, not missing one single step, and managed to do it during COVID. Today, SALVEST sends containers with its delicious baby food to China. 

11.25-11.30 Services during COVID, post-COVID, for the F&B, China International Import Expo, November 2020.

By Ilaria Perla Estonia-Asia Trade Agency, Enterprise Estonia



Participation in the webinar is FREE of charge for the companies. 
Pre-registration to attend the webiar is required, please register HERE.

The seminar is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Webinar: China Food & Beverage Sector Post Covid-19

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