Veebiseminar “Intellectual Capital Management – Made in Germany. Learn Directly from German Experts How to Boost Your Only Sustainable Success Factor.”

14. mai 2020 kell 15:00 kuni kell 16:00
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At webinar we will learn about the German guidelines for “Intellectual Capital Management” published and recommended by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology -  from the developers view. We also hear about the benefits of using the German Intellectual Capital approach from the company, who implemented the method.

Webinar will be moderated by Tiina Kivikas, Export Advisor in Germany, Enterprise Estonia.


• Introduction from the moderator
• Short introduction from experts – we will explain Intellectual Capital Management and the special features of the German approach.
• Examples from practical application and benefits achieved.
• Short session with a discussion, were we will answer your questions
• Within the webinar, we will also introduce useful sources for publicly free available material to deepen your Knowledge about Intellectual Capital Management. After the webinar you can use this material to directly start managing your Intellectual Capital.


In a fast and constantly changing environment, learning and utilizing knowledge, are the only sustainable factors for success. This is true for individuals, but even more for organizations. Does your organization already use its knowledge efficiently? Is loss of experience avoided? Is your organization’s ability to learn and to build competences already good enough to stay competitive?
In our Intellectual Capital webinar these and many more questions will be answered and solutions provided.

What you get

The main objective of the webinar is to introduce Intellectual Capital Management as an instrument to manage the challenges of knowledge society.
The webinar is based on the scientifically approved Intellectual Capital Management Toolbox Made in Germany, which is officially recommended by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology.
Within the webinar, Intellectual Capital Management and its benefits will be explained, best practices from organizations presented and publicly free material provided. The material can be directly used to start Intellectual Capital Management in your own organization.
The webinar is held by German experts, who were part of the development team for the German method and have experience in plenty of organizations of all size and sector.
They will present deep insides from the development process and their 15+ years of experience of practical application.

Benefits of using the German Intellectual Capital Approach

To adapt to changes in business environment, learning and managing Intellectual Capital is not an option, but a matter of survival. Therefore...
• Boost your business by utilizing unused Intellectual Capital.
• Reduce risks of loosing Intellectual Capital.
• Avoid wrong decisions and misallocation of resources.
• Save time and money by reducing discussions and the duration of decision processes.
• Enhance competitiveness by faster learning processes.
• Improve your marketing and investors relations by providing an Intellectual Capital Statement.
• Identify potential risks in mid-term future and tackle them before they become real.

Dr.-Ing Kay Alwert is owner and general manager of alwert GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin. He graduated  in 1997 at the Technical University of Karlsruhe in the field of “Civil Engineering”. Thereafter he worked as a project manager and from 2000 onwards additionally as a consultant in corporate management and knowledge management. In the time between 2001 and 2006 Kay Alwert was employed as a senior researcher at the corporate management division at Fraunhofer IPK, Berlin. Within his research work he was mainly responsible for the research in the areas of intellectual capital management and reporting. In 2005 he finished his doctoral studies in this field. He was general project manager in several scientific and industrial projects and held several lectures and seminars in “ knowledge and intellectual capital management” for academic and industrial students. Within his scientific work he was responsible for the development and German wide implementation of intellectual capital statements in SME, corporate groups and research organisations. As a founder member of the German working group on Intellectual Capital Statements he was substantially responsible for the German guideline for “Intellectual Capital Statements” published and recommended by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology. In 2003 Kay Alwert founded alwert. as a Fraunhofer spin off to transfer the academic results into practical application. alwert. concentrates mainly on the development and implementation of strategic management, innovation & knowledge management, intellectual capital management and reporting. He works for corporate groups as well as for SME.

Ulrich Schmidt is Manager for HR Development and Knowledge Management at BGZ Gesellschaft für Zwischenlagerung mbH, Essen. He graduated at the University of Applied Sciences of Augsburg in the field of mechanical engineering. In addition he holds a degree from the University of Applied Sciences of Bochum in the field of industrial engineering. In his professional life he gained experience in the automotive and energy industry (ZF Friedrichshafen, Continental, EnBW, BGZ) as well as in consulting (PwC, IBM). In all these different assignments, knowledge management was one of his main responsibilities. Since 2005 he is regularly engaged in the implementation and application of solutions for the management of intangible assets, especially the application of the method “Wissensbilanz – Made in Germany”.

Parallel to his professional career Ulrich Schmidt was president (2004 – 2010) and chairman of the advisory board (2010 – 2013) of the German Society for Knowledge Management, member of the advisory board of the funding initiative "Fit for knowledge competition" of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany (2008 – 2013) and member of the specialist committee "Knowledge Management in Engineering" of the Association of German Engineers (2003 – 2016). Since 2012 he is member of the advisory board of the German Federal Association for Knowledge Accounting.


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