Veebiseminar “How to Hire Successfully Across Borders for Strong Cultural Fit”

14. oktoober 2020 kell 15:00 kuni kell 16:00
Veebiseminar WebinarNinja keskkonnas
In English
Enterprise Estonia

Covered topics: The Future of Work, Talent Retention, High Achievers, High Performing Culture, Systematic Cultural Recruitment, Expanding  

Finding the right people abroad to help take your company to the next level in the US, whether that's your first salesperson or an entire team, is a challenging proposition even in the best of times. Today, with borders closed and travel restricted, it can seem like an impossible task.

In this webinar, one of the leading experts on cultural fit and building a purpose-driven culture, Therese Gedda, will show you how to dramatically shift the efficiency of your recruitment processes through the Recruit on Culture™ method which is less expensive, more effective, and more impactful than traditional methods – and absolutely essential in 2020.

Therese will guide us through the process of how to identify, recruit, and retain High Achievers into your business as you expand abroad. These are the people who will care deeply about your company's success and will help you achieve the majority of your positive results in new markets. Today's High Achievers are increasingly driven by purpose, a desire to excel, and the opportunity to contribute. They seek greatness and are looking for companies with values that align with their own.

Therese has spoken in front of audiences at Apple, LVMH, Web Summit, TEDx, and more; and her models and methodologies are driving results and reinventing recruitment for startups and large corporates across Europe and the US.


About the Speaker

For more than 18 years, Therese Gedda has been supporting companies in re-imagining how recruitment is done. Her futuristic and scalable Recruit on Culture method combines many years of leadership development, her entrepreneurial journey, and extensive wisdom from working with thousands of High Achievers. Her proprietary models incorporate behavioral science and positive psychology to help bring onboard high achievers to the right opportunities and create a greater sense of connection, creating a strong cultural foundation that will help you keep and attract the best people to your company, regardless of location.

Webinar will be moderated by James S. York, Export Adviser in USA, Enterprise Estonia.


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