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The Entrepreneurship Award

The Entrepreneurship Award 2021 is the highest state recognition entrepreneurs can receive. The goal of the competition is to acknowledge innovative and successful enterprises, an entrepreneurial mindset and the best Estonian enterprises.

In addition to the Entrepreneurship Award, there is another competition taking place at the same time: the Estonian Companies’ Competitiveness Ranking competition of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The title of Company of the Year 2021 will be awarded to the best nominee from the two competitions.

Innovator of  the Year and Company of the Year CHEMI-PHARM 

Exporter of the Year SRC Group AS

Design Applier of the Year ElectroAir OÜ

Tourism Developer of the Year LEE Restoran OÜ

Family Enterprise of the Year Nõo Lihatööstus OÜ

Foreign Investor of the Year Ensto Ensek AS



The objective is to acknowledge enterprises that make a major contribution to Estonian exports.

Estonian enterprises exporting own-brand products or services are invited to apply.


The objective is to acknowledge successful foreign investors working in Estonia.

Enterprises which are active in Estonia and have made an important investment in the last three years are invited to apply.


The objective is to acknowledge innovative enterprises that have implemented notable innovations, brought them to the market and dedicated a major part of their revenue to research and development.

Nominations are open to Estonian enterprises that have introduced scientific and organisational innovations in the last three years and have also facilitated the spread of information about innovation.

Why should you apply?

Simply by applying, enterprises recognise their team and employees. Many past applicants have said that receiving the award has made them more attractive to potential job applicants. Successful enterprises have noted that the award has helped them in their external relations and significantly increased their credibility in the eyes of potential partners. By competing for the award, enterprises highlight not only their financial success but also their notable and unique approaches, solutions and innovations. To apply and win the award, your enterprise doesn’t need to be large – for example, the winner of the Top Marine award had just 12 employees at the time. If enterprises entered the competition in previous years but didn’t win, this is no obstacle to competing again. Those who have not yet won as well as those who have already won can apply and indeed win again. Being part of the competition brings with it both public recognition and media attention.

About the Entrepreneurship Award

The Entrepreneurship Award is the oldest entrepreneurship competition in Estonia, the tradition dates back to the year 1996. It was in that year when President Lennart Meri initiated the competition to award the prize “Foreign Investor 1995”. Managed by Enterprise Estonia, this year’s competition is the 21th.