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The Entrepreneurship Award

The Entrepreneurship Award 2020 is the highest state recognition for entrepreneurs. The aim of the competition is to recognise the best Estonian companies and highlight entrepreneurship even in difficult economic times. The Entrepreneurship Award competition uncovers the best companies of the year in five categories – Exporter of the Year, Innovator of the Year, Family Enterprise of the Year, Design Applier of the Year, and Foreign Investor of the Year. The winners will be determined in cooperation with experts of the field, who will evaluate the economic indicators of companies as well as their values, innovation and contribution to society.

You can apply for the Entrepreneurship Award until July 10.


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In addition to the Entrepreneurship Award, there is another competition that takes place at the same time – the Estonian Companies’ Competitiveness Ranking competition of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Company of the Year 2020 will be chosen amongst the best of the two competitions.