About Enterprise Estonia

Established in 2000, Enterprise Estonia promotes business and regional policy in Estonia and is one of the largest institutions within the national support system for entrepreneurship, providing financial assistance, counselling, cooperation opportunities and training for entrepreneurs, research institutions, the public and non-profit sectors.

The principal purpose of our operations is to increase the level of well-being in society by working towards the following five strategic objectives:

  1. increase in the number of sustainable and quickly growing companies;
  2. increase in the export capability and internationalisation of Estonian companies;
  3. increase in the product development and technological capabilities of Estonian companies;
  4. increase in revenue from tourism;
  5. integrated and balanced regional development.

Following Estonia's accession to the EU, Enterprise Estonia became one of the agencies implementing EU structural funds in Estonia. During the 2007-2013 EU financing period, EUR 784 million (EEK 12 billion) of the more than EUR 3.4 billion (EEK 53 billion) of structural aid to Estonia has been implemented by Enterprise Estonia.
2013 is the last year in the 2007-2013 EU financing period. As a result, the proportion of support in our operations has decreased compared to previous periods, and greater attention is being devoted to training events, promoting entrepreneurship awareness and other activities to develop human resources. Enterprise Estonia's strategic priorities are already primarily linked to the development of a strategy for the next seven years (2014 - 2020).


  • Total number of employees - 270.
  • Budget for 2013 - 110,7 million euros.
  • A network that reaches every county in Estonia - regional office in Tartu and close cooperation with County Development Centers and Tourist Information Centers.
  • Foreign representative offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, London, Hamburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg, California, Shanghai and Tokyo.
  • Enterprise Estonia is managed by a 3-member management board and a supervisory board, consisting of the country´s top entrepreneurs, officials and members of the parliament. In addition, advisory boards consisting of the best experts in each of the areas of Enterprise Estonia´s responsibilities give the organization advice and guidance in return for up to date information on future plans and opportunities.

Operating principles

  • We offer integrated solutions to suit the client's development plan, from counselling and training all the way to financial support.
  • We implement our programmes in a transparent and efficient manner. To this end, we are consistently seeking to develop the quality of management.
  • We operate in a focused manner. We endeavour to identify and nurture, through implementation, those projects whose impact on the achievement of objectives is greatest. Furthermore, our programmes are structured on the basis of disseminating information to everyone and in every manner possible, whilst providing grants to a more circumscribed target group.


Structure of Enterprise Estonia