Estonia's Enterprises for 2011 are Fortumo and EMT

Enterprise Estonia
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Estonian Employers' Confederation

14 September 2011

Tonight, OÜ Fortumo was recognised as the overall winner of the Entrepreneurship Award 2011 given out by Enterprise Estonia, whereas AS EMT was proclaimed the most competitive enterprise based on the Estonian Companies' Competitiveness Ranking 2011 compiled by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Estonian Employers' Confederation.

In addition to the two main awards, winners in 6 categories and the most competitive companies in 13 categories were announced at the gala held in the Estonia Concert Hall tonight.

According to the Chairman of the Jury, Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications Juhan Parts, many strong enterprises entered the competition this year. "The majority of the people here in the hall today are people who have chosen life-long work, for, as is well known, an entrepreneur's work is never done," said Parts, addressing the entrepreneurs attending the gala.

According to Ülari Alamets, Chairman of the Management Board of Enterprise Estonia, the Entrepreneurship Award competition is the highest recognition by the state for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, where success favours companies whose efforts have persisted for years. "I would like to thank all of Estonia's entrepreneurs. With your work, we have achieved the fastest economic growth in Europe," Alamets said. "Estonian enterprises today are strong, the proof of which is found in increased orders, improved productivity, increased interest in external markets or, in a nutshell, enhanced international competitiveness. The number of entrants in this year's competition, the highest ever, may be taken as a sign of economic activity as well."

Innovator 2011 was awarded to the software producer ZeroTurnaround OÜ whose product JRebel has been sold in over 65 different countries, where its users include well-known enterprises like Apple, IBM, Cisco, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Exporter 2011 title went to Fortumo OÜ who has developed a platform for mobile-phone payments that is helping suppliers of various mobile-phone services to collect fees from consumers in more than 60 countries.

The Tourism Innovator title was awarded to SA Eesti Maanteemuuseum, operating in the village of Varbuse, in Põlva County, for their "Road Age" special outdoor exhibit on traffic with both antiquated means of conveyance and vehicles of the future.

The Design Applier title went to OÜ Krimelte, a manufacturer of joint-sealing compounds, who has created a special applicator bottle for sealant foam in collaboration with designers. Previously, Krimelte had also been recognised in the Entrepreneurship Award competition as the best exporter.

The young Tartu enterprise LCDVF OÜ was selected as Developer 2011 by the jury. The company has developed a reflex camera viewfinder, of which 15 000 units have been sold worldwide already.

Foreign Investor 2011 was captured by the power and automatics enterprise AS ABB, which is in the process of consolidating its Estonian operations on the innovation campus at Jüri. ABB is investing briskly in local development and engineering activities.

Toomas Luman, President of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, thanked all the entrants in the Competitiveness Ranking and pointed out that the Competitiveness Ranking, compiled for the ninth time, had evolved into a lasting tradition and that the prizes awarded had evolved into distinguished tokens of recognition. "Achievements call for recognition. Our entrepreneurs' contribution in creating jobs, developing the economy and replenishing the state treasury cannot and must not be underestimated. Be the times good or bad for the economy, as a small country and economy we need the contribution of every enterprising person. We must continue to strive for our entrepreneurship environment to be such that enterprising people would want to pursue their self-actualisation here."

The most competitive industrial and energy enterprise this year turned out to be AS BLRT Grupp, which has expanded into many sectors besides shipbuilding. The winner in the retail category was AS Eesti Statoil; the winner in the wholesale category was the supplier of grain and rapeseed AS Oilseeds Trade. The most competitive food industry enterprise was the beverage producer AS A. Le Coq, and the most competitive tourism enterprise was OÜ GoAdventure. AS EMT was the winner in communication and IT, AS Napal in construction, AS Riigi Kinnisvara in business services and real estate, AS Swedbank in financial brokerage, AS G4S Eesti in services, AS E.R.S. in transport and logistics, and AS Pärnu Sadam amongst small and medium-sized enterprises. The title of the most comprehensively competitive enterprise was awarded to Fortum Tartu AS operating in the energy industry.

At the gala tonight, promoters of enterprise were recognised. The title was awarded to SA Entrum, focused on developing entrepreneurship amongst the young, and the Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK), which has created an electronic portal for corporate annual reports. The best student company was declared to be SOCKme, producing and selling unique mobile-phone socks.

The aim of the Entrepreneurship Award competition is to convey the state's recognition to successful enterprises and improve awareness of entrepreneurship. The best in the award categories were selected by experts from various sectors, with the winner of the main award selected by a high-profile jury headed by Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications Juhan Parts.

The aim of compiling the Competitiveness Ranking is to identify the most competitive enterprises, offer enterprises an opportunity to compare themselves against other enterprises of their kind, and assess the success, performance and sustainability of Estonian enterprises. The Competitiveness Ranking is compiled as a general ranking, for small and medium-sized enterprises and by area of activity in 11 categories.

Further information on the entrepreneurship competitions and their results is available at www.konkurents.ee. The Entrepreneurship Awards 2011 gala, held in the Estonia Concert Hall, is also being televised, airing tonight on TV3 from 22.15.